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Welcome to French Notes!

An Alternative to French Grinds

At French Notes, we know that education is the key to the future. A lot of conscientious parents send their children for private tuition, but pay an average of €900 a year for the privilege. At French Notes, we offer an excellent alternative to grinds. For a fraction of the yearly costs involved in private tuition, you can avail of top of the range notes, and all from the comfort of your own homes.

Our Mission Statement

At French Notes, we are absolutely committed to our mission statement: Making exam-focused French learning accessible to every student and teacher in Ireland. We can do this because We do French Best!

What We Claim

We do not claim to be able to help you with any other subject. We know where our strengths lie. We already have a substantial number of teachers as well as students on our client list, and this gives us a great boost in confidence, as teachers are careful to only introduce resources to students, that are absolutely top quality. A lot of websites claim to offer learning solutions for the French Junior & Leaving certificate exams, but at French Notes, we genuinely do! Here at French Notes.ie, we consider ourselves to be the consultant and not the GP. We offer premium learning material focused on getting you to achieve your potential. Our Junior certificate resources include: sample reading comprehensions, verb drills, grammar section, comprehensive vocabulary lists, power-point presentations, sample notes, messages, postcard, letters and much more!

Our Subscription Plans

As part of our subscription plans, we offer sample opinion pieces or essays, power-point presentations, comprehensive vocabulary listings, grammar section, sample vocabulary tests, French expression sheets, grammatical constructions, verb drills, fill in the blanks, sample letters & writing techniques and much more!

As part of the Leaving Certificate subscription, we have a fantastic video section, which covers you for the oral component. You will be presented with approximately 60 clips done over 10 separate videos, focused on actual questions asked by state examiners for the French Oral Exam. The videos are accompanied by exclusive notes, including questions done out phonetically, and a copy of the answers for you to download and practice.

Have Your Say

As a subscribed member, you will also have access to our forums and have the freedom to ask us questions pertaining to the exams or learning French or just have a good old rant!

With French notes you will...

Find material for Junior & Leaving Cert French exams.

Improve your French grammar and vocabulary.

Have access to high quality sample opinion pieces & essays.

Have access to professionally produced informative videos.

Have access to our forum to chat to other students & teachers.

Read useful study guides and exam tips.

And much more…

  • First Class Honours degree in French Literature.
  • Winner of the College Medal from University of Limerick .
  • Contributor to Irish Times Exam Brief.
  • Registered member of the Teaching Council of Ireland.